May 29, 2007

At the Canyon.... the Grand one!!!!!

A picture says it all.

Well this was my first visit to the Grand Canyon, AZ, 20 months after living in the Arid zone, aka Arizona. I have almost overcome my fear for road-trips(well not totally, and will not go another one for 2 years atleast) and we were a group of 7 in a Grand Caravan going to the Grand Canyon.

We were also at the Arizona Snowbowl at Flagstaff, the San Francisco mountain. We were 11000 feet above the sea level(if thought Bangalore was at the same height too).

A detailed blog on that soon.

I captioned this photo 'The Grand Canyon - A wonder captured by another wonder.... oops me'. :)

May 18, 2007


My blog description reads 'As if blogging were a height of vettiness.....'. For the souls that are not aware of this Thanglish(Tamil + English) word, vettiness is a state of joblessness. Vetti means jobless in Tamil, the dravidian language.

It was not until recently(say 18 months ago) that I got to know of this word. My stay in this desert has taught me a good bunch of Tamil words apart from many other things. This word was one of it too. Being vetti is the trademark of a Graduate student in the Summer and winter breaks unless someone has path-breaking research to work on or a demanding internship. Vettipaechu is the word for non-stop talk without a purpose.

Enough of Vetti blogging..... Me getting ready to go home.....

May 17, 2007

Flower - Life

Oh flower!!!!
Though short-lived,
your life is a joyous one....
as a queen who rules,
the world for a day....
which is unachievable....
by anyone else.
Lingering on one's lips....
in the form of honey,
you make one's life sweet,
which is again....
possible by a very few.

Enjoy your life....
the short one....
Make someone's life sweet....
thus making your life meaningful....

(Some portions of this are inspired by the song 'Poova Poove'(oh flower) from Poovellaam Kaettupar(Ask all the flowers)).
Picture Courtesy: The flowers at the potluck at Dr. Antonia's place on 12th May 2007. :)

May 6, 2007

Non-stop Nonsense

As I walk to the end of this semester, I turn back to see the two years that I've spent here. With most of my friends gone after this semester, it is going to be a really different life for me, but yet the same, with new people around. I hope it continues to be a good learning experience for me.

In these two years I have learned something that I hadn't learned in the years I was under my parent's warmth back home.

And the summer is here, though the past week has been pleasant, not too hot. More blogs to crib on the AZ summer soon.

Meanwhile, this weekend was a movie fiesta for me. I saw Lesa Lesa, Pardes and Meenaxi: A Tale of three cities. I watched Lesa Lesa completely for the first time, it was a really beautiful movie in terms of colors, music and locales. Pardes made me think about the artificiality of the life that is lived here in the US, but was long, but devoid of Sharukh's overacting and heroics, sonce it was not his movie at all. Meenaxi, though a complex movie was beautiful with the genius' music and some slick camera work in shooting the beautiful Jaisalmer and Prague.
I also happened to see 'Kangalal Kaidhu Sei', later on in the weekend, even though my prediction that the movie was going to be a big letdown. I simply love the songs in the movie, remarkably different from the usual stuff that is around. But, I have no idea why they had to feature in a movie of errors like this one.

More movies lined up for the summer :), but work comes first. The demands and expectations of my superiors are increasing and I need to push myself into that. I am sure, I will so well.