Jan 2, 2011

The 140 Characters on My Timeline

As I mentioned in this post, I sure have spent a good part of my 2010 on Twitter. What began as yet another form of social media for status-updates, soon became a discussion forum with likeminded folks. Discussions about life in general, music, technology, food/cookery, movies, and many more have taken place on Twitter with complete strangers. And it might be an understatement if I say that I can relate more to the people of Twitter than with a few of my so-called ‘fraands’. As the year draws to a close, I must mention the people from Twitter who’ve been a source of entertainment, information, witty remarks, and more.

Statutory Warning:
This is a long post with 140 characters! Pliss to take it seriously in lighter vein in most cases. And this list is in the order that I followed people, no favoritism was shown (I wish I could!)

If you are looking for a mention of your Twitter handle, Ctrl + F maybe a better option to find it. And I would really like to hear your curses in the comments.

(For non-Twitter folks, if any, TL = Timeline, DP = Display picture, and this post must be a good reason for you to join Twitter.)

1.    Thripthi – Got introduced to Twitter by her, but the lady hardly tweets.

2.    krtgrphr – A lot has been said about this all-in-all Azhaguraaja; knowledgeable and well-informed about everything, this hat guy is.

3.    Axe_Puli – Someone who has an opinion contrary to the popular one, with a reason. Has the uncanny ability to spam your timeline with live-tweets about any game that’s going on. And daily Earthquake update specialist.

4.    arvindia4u – Photographer and a regular on all social networks (Was The Social Network made targeting him?)

5.    Chinmayi – Beyond a good singer/translator/voice-over artist and all that, she may make a good politician one fine day, at least on Twitter.

6.    Hariship – Has had the most tweets about sipping tea in Starbucks on a timeline. A true tea lover, he is.

7.    Prajnyan – Tech-geek and fellow Bangalorean who has an interesting take on life

8.    D33pak – A TL popular who’s on a sabbatical now

9.    Ursmusically – The best analysis of a movies background score, you can get, in simple words.

10.    Sujdr – Radio-oncologist in the making and a childhood fraand, had some interesting thoughts about the medical profession.

11.    Aswinms – Made sure that I blog about Ram Guha’s talk (made sure in a good way!)

12.    BenTex – Fellow pardesi, who has a good taste in movies, and is not ashamed of a few movie that she calls as her favorites.

13.    Sridhar – A BlackBerry Fan, who is my first stop for news about any new phone.

14.    Venkatananth – Omnipresent on your timeline, with news, tit-bits, analysis, and more. A must follow.

15.    Brijeshnairan – Expressive blogger

16.    Kiranp – One of the authorities for Ilayaraja music.

17.    Purnateja – Nammooru huduga, whose culinary ventures are the highlight of his stay in the Pardes.

18.    R_Khanna – His tweets are a good explanation for why this guy didn’t get to act more, in a good sense.

19.    Krishashok – Jalsa, Jilpa and all that… it’s only him who can make an airport layover sound interesting. And not just that!

20.    Lavsmohan - #MokkaMondays is her proprietary service to Twitter. And this service is available on all days.

21.    IndiaFiles – An amazing photographer who blogs about the small and often-missed things in life.

22.    SudhishKamath – I’ve agreed to his movie reviews to a record 95% this year, and a fellow LOSTie. Looking forward to his Good Morning, Good Night

23.    Shilparathnam – Sigh! One only wishes some more girls were made this way!

24.    FlyYouFools – Cows on Indian roads! Period. PS: He must have more comics.

25.    _Avni – Another Blackberry lover, and tweets motivational stuff (yes, the timeline does need it occasionally)

26.    anishasharma10 – Calls a spade a spade, and my source of news from London.

27.    beholder20 – Bangalore se gaya London, and now has become a good London-vaasi ☺

28.    bigfatphoenix – Video games… hmm… I am plain jealous of this guy for his life.

29.    SahilRiz – Has those stick figure reviews that are often more entertaining than the movie itself. If only I had listened to him, I’d have saved a few hundred dollars in movie tickets this year. 

30.    Neo_indian – Why hasn’t #TweetLikeNeoIndian trended yet. 140 characters are too little to express and here’s someone who expresses in half as much.

31.    Mokkai_mak – Chennai guy (??) who’s transforming into a great Mumbaikar.

32.    Chuck_gopal – Seasonal DPs and more.

33.    Fakingnews – Newspersons who are fond of breaking the news can never compete with him, well at least not after the ‘Man sues Axe Bodyspray, as unable to get girl’ episode.

34.    IntrepidShaz – School friend who constantly reminds me the things I am missing out in India, in general and Bangalore, in particular.

35.    Mojorojo – Another LOSTie who instantly made me jealous by showcasing his Lost Blu-Ray set. And did I say he was a standup comedian.

36.    Techrsr – One more all-in-all Azhaguraaja on my timeline. And immense respect for his knowledge of carnatic music (even though he says there are experts around.)

37.    Cowmaaa – If there is one person from my TL whom I want to meet, it’s him. Interesting stands on various topics, and I mostly disagree with him, though he can get convincing in most cases.

38.    Sruthirk – Makes guest appearances on the timeline often, mostly when a music discussion or mokkai discussion is taking place.

39.    _smylee – The only one in my TL from down under, with whom I have a 24hr gap (thanks to my sleep cycle), and a young lady who has trained her significant other very well! ☺

40.    gpwill – Occasionally tweets about some corporate stuff  which have a OHT on me

41.    bharadhwaj – A CS PhD student in completeness

42.    imsaiarasi – Now a total #youremember, who had the knack of setting the TL on fire when she was around.

43.    Vettipaiyan – Once a competition to me in terms of vetti-thanam (joblessness), now a busy guy; and tweets some carnatic gems occasionally.

44.    udupendra – I wait for his Top 5 lists, and the Kannada gems that he tweets occasionally. And an awesome quizzer and a smart MBA.

45.    hg6 – Another musically expressive blogger.

46.    Sathm – Family guy in the pardes, and in the happening city of Vegas; manages to make me read Tamil regularly via his tweets.

47.    vettyponnu – A regular #youremember, whose presence on the TL is sorely missed.

48.    panjamirtham – Another US timezone regular, whose DP itself is a good reason why I follow; the female equivalent of all-in-all azhaguraja… oops azhagurani; proprietory owner of #ARRTrip

49.    Saranya_s – She knows to put Samosas/Kachori on the timeline at the right time, and motivate me to indulge in chaat.

50.    prempanicker – Immense respect for him and his writing, enough said.

51.    nilotpalc – The sports fanatic on my TL, who has every cricket statistic at his fingertips.

52.    Suppandi – The most-loved comic character, in a smart new avatar.

53.    Sumantics – Followed her for the Mosaranna (curd rice) DP, but there’s more to this lady than that. The only other Deecan Herald loyalist on my timeline, I suppose.

54.    Surekhapillai – Shows how ‘exciting’ a profession PR can be, and more; will she take offense if I call her the Kovai Sarala of the TL?

55.    Amreekandesi – Provides a good precursor of what to expect after moving back to Des.

56.    Mekkadan – College friend who is probably one of the few serious tweeps on my TL

57.    Sruthih – A mute spectator and an occasional RT-er

58.    Svinz – Founder of the Kannada Twitter Sangha (reminds me of Vatal, just kidding)

59.    Milliblog – 100 word reviews of Indian music and more, and the monthly picks usually tell me of the good music I might have missed during that month.

60.    Navyad2005 – Another Raaja fan on my timeline, who tweets about a few other things that are blogworthy.

61.    Connectvinoth – At times shows, self-motivation is the best form of motivation.

62.    Raj2s – What to say, a popular guy from nammooru who manages to make me get the Bangalore feel on Twitter.

63.    Ashvala – While he says he’s often called #kidsthesedays, I’d change it to #SmartKidsTheseDays; gives me a complex for wasting my school days :P

64.    ShreyanshS – Mumbai. Cricket. Bollywood. Life. This guys tweets about them all.

65.    CreativeWolf – Began following him cos he is a Tamil pulavar; now a fellow Bangalorean and music lover.

66.    Vasa_ - One more Bangalore guy who has disappeared from my TL for a while.

67.    Neelavanam – Artwiculate is the word to describe her tweets, and wait, she’s @Ashvala’s mom.

68.    Ainvvy – Quite like some of his remarks on certain things, and he’s @Ashvala’s dad.

69.    Nakulshenoy – A mindreader who manages to get me to rethink what I tweet to him.

70.    Rajeshmedic – Keyboard player with gifted fingers. His version of Anbil Avan showed me heaven instantly.

71.    Rameshsrivats -  ‘If you are not following him, you ought not stay on Twitter’ is an understatement.

72.    Mspraveen – Truly appreciate his effort for Wikipedia, some really good wikis, and on some movies too.

73.    Pooja_luvIndia – One question. How does she manage to get up at 2am to study? I can only target waking up at 2pm.

74.    DilsoftRaja – Another Raaja fan on the timeline

75.    Andytitmoves – His knowledge of Tamil music tends to amaze me. And did I say he was an IITian?

76.    Thecomicproject – I am fan of his pictures, and his comics too; and the pics not just because he is in Amsterdam.

77.    _logik – Packs some logic in the 140 characters, a quizzer and more often Bangalore-related trivia that cause much jealousy.

78.    Gulpanag – She better get the Bollywood Ambassador on Twitter award, wait, actually nope, she sure is beyond #TweetLikeABollywoodMoron

79.    Kweezzz – Made sure I wake up on time for a few quizzes. On a serious note, an excellent initiative.

80.    aishu_s – Fellow Rahmania blogger, iPod Rani, and my source for English music.

81.    livetimefe – If only I could say out everything that’s on my mind, like this not-at-all reticent young lady; she’s a complete #WIN on the TL

82.    beastoftraal – I truly admire his daily blog routine, and he often posts PR stuff that make sense to a layman like me.

83.    _sukhi – A fellow Udaan and Amit Trivedi fan, and keeps posting about the Orange city.

84.    Hallidude – Gets the award for the most misleading handle on Twitter.

85.    Srikanthgv – One more Bangalore-related jealousy breeder :P

86.    AbsolutDiamond – Where to begin? Raaja fanatic, doc is one description. Can I call her a vaayadi?

87.    Itsdemo – MBA aspirant and regularly plugs some ‘Hindu’ articles which I might have missed, and some good Tamil music too.

88.    Kabodhi – A guy with such an inspiring handle should tweet more, seriously!

89.    Madraslover – A lover of a city that he doesn’t stay in, and puts thanni on behalf of me and @saranya_s too.

90.    Tricalnikhil – Complete techie, what more can I say.

91.    Nandiniv – A wonderful motivator who makes me cook/bake, and shows enough passion to get back to des (the last time I heard, it was 6 months, 4 days, 22 hrs and 5 mins or so).

92.    Penn_insula – Someone who was to quit Twitter, but got back because Echofon remembered her password. We need more such Tweeps.

93.    Wittophile – A fellow Raaja/ARR fan, who has gone missing from the timeline off-late, and used to have some interesting (read as ‘weird’) tweets :P

94.    Cornerd – Hosts the best ARR/Raaja kweezzz’es (and others too!) in town

95.    dineshjayaraman – Sakalakalavallavan, in his own words; one more guy who gives me a complex for having wasted my college days.

96.    Sujoysingha – a recent follow who has an interesting blog called ‘One Knight Stands’ featuring reviews and the like

97.    Anantha – One word, sorry, one hashtag #WhyAnanthaIsAmazing describes him completely; and I hear @maxdavinci coined it, don’t know why he coined it, but agree completely.

98.    Mah_Ima – the original paavam ponnu, who can sleep through an office conference call, without getting caught, well almost. And a #DPMahipal

99.    Saffrontrail (drnanditaiyer) – One handle encourages food indudgence, while the other provides information on proper food habits (in @krishashok’s own words); this doc is a complete #WIN mother and an amazing culinary expert.

100.    WolframZeta – I won the social experiment against the ultimate answer to anything x = 42, on who changes the DP faster. Gave me an instant egoboost :P

101.    GeekyInaneTwit – Took a while for me to figure out what her DP was, and I take time to figure out her tweets too.

102.    Ajit_baskar – The other half of @nandiniv and now a #youremember

103.    NameFieldEmpty – One more person who gives me a complex with the way she tweets; I surely want to know how she is in person.

104.    MehaMaya – The Matarani Ka Prakop, who’s a regular on the US timezones, and a great baker whose preparations make me go hungry right after a meal.

105.    Naresha – The raw mango DP is enough to make me drool at my timeline; another scientist in the making, I suppose. And a Ranji lover.

106.    l__m – the one and only goddess on my TL,  who’s a serial DP changer, and currently witnessing the ‘chillarathanam’ of a few of the potential future big shots of Fortune-500 kombenis.

107.    mad_nad – This post was inspired by her post (so all rights reserved with Nadhiya); another late follow actually, but a great cricket fact wizard. And I have promised to her that I will not follow a cricket match, till India is at the victory stage.

108.    Gradwolf – Rechristened #matterwolf, I am yet to see his leelais. And has a nice blog too!

109.    UnnamedEntity – A recent much delayed follow, who’s best known as the person who pWns kweezzzes. And another knowledgeable guy on my TL.

110.    Benly – Fellow Rahmaniac with a very interesting DP, amazed by his fandom.

111.    Krish_santhosh - #EngagedMahipal in the Gelf

112.    Sunilification – One guy who doesn’t hesitate to give out his opinion, and I disagree (actually agree) with him, most often than not :P

113.    Imsabbah – Haven’t interacted with her much, but tweets some interesting stuff from the Jammu & Kashmir valley.

114.    YaavanoObba – How do people come up with such handles? I am jealous.

115.    NYSubha – One of the few people, who isn’t ashamed to admit that her husband taught her to cook, while she struggled to boil water. Okay, last bit was an exaggeration.

116.    Pradyutroy – Another Rahmaniac/blogger who manages to crib as much as me, if not beat me :P

117.    EnnaipolEvan – Immense respect for this guy for the pWnzer Rahman quiz he hosted, I began doubting my listening skills.

118.    Atlasdanced – Someone who followed me just because I refered to him and someone else collectively as ‘Pasangala’. Having said that, I still don’t know his age.

119.    Shrihari – One source for Tamil music, and a good Tamil film music quizmaster

120.    Aajays – Had an interesting DP, now an even more interesting one.

121.    Complicateur – Is he the 24th Pulikesi? You never know, but all said, writes really well.

122.    Equanimus – He’s almost my Tamil tutor on my TL; unintentionally though!

123.    Blogeswari – One of my favorite bloggers, who has done a re-name-akaranam to most people in the showbiz.

124.    Pushkarr – The new entertainer on my TL, and succeeds in most cases. And had a #EPIC #youremember quiz about the Indian brands. Much nostalgia happened then.

125.    Maxdavinci - #marriedmahipal who says he still doesn’t support romance or something like that. And it sure takes some guts to say it.

126.    Nandini_Iyer – An entertainer from England, who shares the ‘same kuttai same mattai’ sentiment with me.

127.    Phulkadots – My new source for discovering Tamil music

128.    Nelsonnium – The new #abstracttweet person on my timeline

129.    Punvati – Recent tweep, but sure puts the pun in punch too, apart from putting it into many other things.

130.    Raghu_Dixit – Kudos to this guy for putting Kannada folk music on the National level and more. Hope to see more from you in 2011

Other notable mentions
131.    BDUTT – Still respect her and all that. Noted her response during the #barkhagate fiasco. If only she came clean on what happened.

132.    Chetan_Bhagat – Move away from #ChetanBlocks, one surely must have the guts to make a fool of himself on Twitter, unless it’s unintentional.

133.    SrBachchan – a love-hate relationship with this guy and his tweets. Can’t live without it.

134.    Mangeshkarlata – For once her music doesn’t do the screeching.. oops talking, but the shuddh Hindi does. ‘Humility’, I guess.

135.    BlogAdda – Solely deserves the award for making me get back to blogging, and how! They gave be an award for one of my blogs ☺

136.    RajaSen – I hardly agree with his reviews, but this guy sure has something in his writing that makes me go back to his reviews every Friday.

137.    RajeevMasand – I don’t agree with all his reviews either, but all said, one of the trusted reviewers around. And he tweets at times about older movies and analyses them.

138.    PritishNandy – I still wonder what would have happened if a guy with such thoughts, made it big in politics.

139.    Mashable – News about anything and everything related to technology and social media

140.    ShashiTharoor – And the cattle class comment, enough said!


Missing people:

141. Sushovande - HP quizzes and tech-related tweets. One TL non-spammer he sure is.


  1. very well written, waiting to see reactions from few!

    And of course all rights reserved with me!

  2. Thank you.

    Yes yes, you are the sole owner of this idea.
    Ya, hoping to see some reactions and rotten tomatoes :)

  3. Holy smokes!
    I copy pasted this in MS Word - its 8 pages!!
    Great job - this will soon become a link for Twitter recommendations ;)
    Great job writing them all !

  4. 97? I am #97!? #%#@^&@#$%!! Hehe. Thanks :)

  5. @Arvind - Thanks :) It indeed was a time-consuming effort, but worth it.

    @anantha - You still are #amazing. I wish I'd shown favoritism in ranking them :P

  6. Hey Anantha,
    neeyavadhu 97, i'm at 99 with the accusation of being a "serial DP changer"

  7. haiyo haiyo... accusation is such a big word. I made that comment very innocently :)

  8. thanks for the mention boss :) miga nandri.
    and interesting dp ah ? lol. public la yen maanatha vaangurael.

  9. Excellent analysis!But missing some great ones. eg. cgawker - guy whose every tweet outrages me.

  10. I thought u r doing Ph.D

    but i'm not aware that you have done Post Doctorate in twitter followers..

    Awesome List... and it shows how far u tracked ur TL

  11. I love the description of me! Thank you :)

  12. @aajay :) As said, kannula pattadha pattu nu pottuten.

    @krack Thank you. I don't follow a few of those great ones intentionally and I've missed a few others too. Probably, in a later list :)

    @Ennaipol Public damage has happened :) Well having spent quite a time following people, I must be in a position to write such a thing.
    Thanks man :)

    @Punvati :) Am glad you liked it.

  13. I shall not crib here, hencely, I shall take solace in the fact that I bettered you at something. :P

  14. Thanks for the mention Viju..2010 indeed was a special year for me also with regards to twitter as I made many great friends who are like-minded and you are one among them!Hope we continue the chatter/discussion/talk/analysis about various things of interest in this year as well!

  15. Hey.. Sakath maga. I'm following many already on twitter from the list, shall follow more.

  16. Quickly scrolled down to see if I am there. Yes. Breathed a sigh of relief :-) Went back up again and started reading. It is really sweet that you have given so much thought to everyone individually. And this seems like a much better "who to follow' list than what twitter gives. And now, since I am not able to post this comment with my twitter id, keep guessing

  17. @RandomProcessing aka Pradyutroy - I accept defeat in this regard :)

    @Navya - Sure! Twitter, amongst many other things, has discussion has the main premise :)

    @Raj - Thanks :) Do follow a few of them, they are truly entertaining and worth a follow.

    @Amamikaa - First of all thank you for your sweet remarks. Well, after 18 months of Twitter, I think this was a list after many additions/deletions. And another form of #FollowFriday from me.
    Now with your Twitter ID, I can probably say it is @NameFieldEmpty, but I maybe wrong :)

  18. Some Twitter comments (just to put it all in one place):

    mad_nad: so here is how @_viju spent his new years eve. putting down 140 tweeps in a post. interesting read

    nelsonnium: @_viju Oh was that a veiled insult?

    shakwrites: @_viju Innovative post there mate. Cheers!

    beastoftraal: @_viju Excellent list - wished you had added a 'follow' button to all; makes the job easy to follow many of them that I don't!

    dineshjayaraman: @_viju Good post. But enakku oru periya paragraph dedicate pannirukalaam nu naan feel panninen. :P

    aishu_s: @_viju Thank you! But u didnt write about my greatness,my intelligence,my good nature etc. Thaniya post ezhudhu

    AbsolutDiamond: #outrage This @_viju called me a vaayaadi? :-/ Dai! Whatay damage you did off? Well, am just glad I made the list! :)

    Krish_Santhosh: Wotha, #Engagedmahipal aa #outrage #Theekuulichall wil follow soon

    cornerd: @_viju damn, you and @aishu_s have given me a QM identity! I am not that keen a quizzer and all. just a fanboi. thanks.

    krtgrphr "The 140 characters of my timeline" - a yearly roundup by @_viju. Now *this* is what an #FF should be.

    livetimefe: @_viju Loved the blog post :) Vairnice :) <3

    Pradyutroy: Whatay! I find myself listed in @_viju's yearly roundup. :)

    benly: @_viju Superblog post. And thanks :-D

    Pushkarr: I am so glad he didn't label me #indecent Many thanks to @_viju for social inclusion in his blog post.

    Ashvala: @_viju thanks lo, chindi blogpost. :)

    sunilification: @_viju just noticed the 140 character tweetblog, Thanks, so let's disagree to agree? Which means for u it is to agree to disagree? good idea of assorting them all together. I will look into it and based on your missive, follow a few more. thanks, very well done.

    Nandini_Iyer @_viju yaaaay! just seen this. Good stuff! :) and glad I made to the list. :D Thank you!

    gradwolf: @_viju Dei. Romba mukyon #matter :P

    lavsmohan: @_viju thanks for the mention.

  19. @_viju lol @ Tamil Pulavar! Glad to be connected! :D

  20. You actually have a lot of patience. God. Am impressed.


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