Dec 31, 2010

2010 - In a Nutshell

-       A memorable year, a year that I’d want to relive
-       A year that almost showed me the light at the end of the tunnel in my research,
-       Also, finally showed me the way the tunnel called professional life, and I hope to traverse the path and reach the destination soon.
-       A year that I saw God; attended one of the concerts in Jai Ho concert tour and witnessed some A.R.Rahman musical magic, in person.
-       Showed me how addicting a gripping TV series can be, and also probably showed why leaving a few things open-ended, is good. And the TV series is Lost. Never before and never again will I be able to see 10 episodes of a TV series back-to-back.
-       Showed me that I can have ‘followers’; I’ve spent a good amount of my 2010 on Twitter, and had a good time conversing with like minded people (a blog post on that coming up)
-       And the year I gave up on my friends, oops Facebook. I am a #youremember on Facebook now.

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