Feb 1, 2010

Media hoggers

Disclaimer: Nothing against the people mentioned in the post

Off late there have been quite a few media-hoggers, who didn't deserve to be in the limelight.

3 Idiots was a well-made movie, but the author of the book which the movie was based on going to a very low level and cribbing all over the Twitter world was something that was unbearable and showed his publicity hunger. Agreed, Chetan Bhagat changed the way of writing, with his common style (which I am bored of now, need better writing :P ). But after signing an agreement, and having seen the movie that elevated an otherwise mediocre book, he doesn't need to go over-the-top.

First of all, Saif Ali Khan surely didn't deserve a National Award for Hum-Tum, and now he gets Padmashri, an award that the likes of incomparable legends have got. Agreed, he was the heart of Omkara and a few other movies, but the award is still not justified. He initially admitted he doesn't deserve it and now says he deserves it and will work towards justifying the award. Just hope that doesn't mean him acting in more irritating movies with the so called 'Tam Kroose' look he sported in Hum Tum.

Finally, the makers of Phir Mile Sur should have watched the earlier video and see what National integration meant. Agreed the earlier video had film stars too, but we didn't have a street beggar sing nor did we have a rock star performance nor a rain dance nor a disgraced actor nor actors who just turned up in their night clothes seeming as though they built the Worli Sea Bridge! And it is too long a video, where the defence and sport sector combined together got enough footage as what Deepika Padukone's rain dance performance got.