Sep 27, 2006

Paartha Mudhal Naale

It's been a little while since i wrote about the songs that have made an impact on me. I still need to write the one froutm the movie Thotti Jeya too.

This song "Paartha Mudhal Naale" from the Kamalhassan starrer "Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu" which also had Jo in it, has been around for quite a while since the music released in March. I was on a vacation in Detroit for the spring break and I get to hear it there. As I have told in one of my earlier blogs, Harris Jeyaraj songs fail to create an impact on me in the very beginning. I brushed it aside as usual and later saw that this song was on the top of the charts in the MusicIndiaOnline lists and my friends were speaking about it as well. And this song was dubbed as the "Suttum Vizhi Chudare - part 2". Since i like this song, I listened to this. I got to hear the mouth organ pice in the beginning which immediately put me off to sleep, after which Bombay Jayshree's voice pulled me back into the song. But, again when I heard Unni Menon's voice, I felt this song is too ordinary and nothing too special about it. I continued to listen to it frequently and the middle piece that sounds like the piece from the gettimelam of a marriage, seemed to attract me a lot to the song and it sure does even now. I hear the song just for that, at times. But overall, I used to call the entire VV album as a pack of nursery rhymes.

Later, the movie released after almost 6 months. I actually thought it would release when I am on my India trip and I can watch it there with family. I now thank god that it didn't and I didn't see it with my mom, dad and sis, for obvious reasons. I saw the movie in the Pollack Tempe cinemas which didn't seem to have good sound equipment when I watched Rang De Basanti and Fanaa, but when I heard the initial music and the dialogues, I felt I was in for a musical treat of nursery rhymes. I heard the initial mouth organ piece which seemed the same as it sound on my "awwwwwwesssssome" Dell laptop speakers, but there was a total bass that I never heard on those speakers that I heard, in the movie. The song seemed so different with Kamal and Kamalini. But Kamal had a tensed look on his face throughout. Also, on comparing the song ot Suttum Vizhi Chudare, I would say to the beats, Surya danced in a majestic way(seriously). But Kamal danced in a way that he showed an attack of paralysis. So young ppl dance to Suttum Vizhi and old people to Paartha Mudhal. :)

The lifesaving jackets and the boats in the latter half of the song reminded me of Hey goodbye Nanba song of Aytha Ezhuthu. Even in that song there were young ppl and in this old ppl :)). Can't help laughing on that. But well actually those reminded me off the good old trip to Honnemardu near Shimoga, that I had gone on in November 2004, with my BE classmates. I don't want to discuss more on that since it is going to be a little embarassing to put in the details of the trip "graphically".

Anyways, a really good song, but could have had a better male singer, like Karthik, Hariharan or SPB Charan. But Unni Menon's voice wasn't that bad for Kamal either. Bombay Jayshree apparently rocks in the song but not as much as in STC, this one being a lot sober than that one.

I also like Uyirile too, especially after seeing it in the context it appears in the movie. I had brushed that song aside ot earlier. Also Jyothika is in it. I also love Manjal Veyil song video and cannot stop comparing it with New York Nagaram video.

Will be back with more nonsense.

And for the people would tried navigating ot my website link in my previous blog and landed up elsewhere, here is the link without any hyperlink.

Sep 5, 2006

"Untitled" - fell short of ideas

An uninteresting blog this time with an more uninteresting title. I fell so short of ideas that, and decided to call it "untitled". Currently I am bored to death with ym life though there are lot of stuff that I need to do.
I came up with my website in the ASU domain, if you wanna go there, click here.

I basically set it up to post the document that I prepared for the new admits to ASU. Then I felt I could have some stuff about me on it. But I got so bored typing about myself that I had a short introduction about and posted the files as well.

My India trip, a really long one was really very nice and I should come up with a blog for that soon.

But this weekend was really a very nice weekend, a long one , thanks to the Labour Day that is coming up on the 5th of September. It was a movie mania with me seeing Kamal's latest offering "Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu", Munnabhai's and Circuit's continued ventures in "Lage Raho Munnabhai" , both on the big screen here at Tempe cinemas and Krissh and Omkara(yet to complete watching) on the mini-screen on my laptop. It was also a weekend of nice sleep(as usual), some shopping(not all the great), an outing to Tempe town lake and two visits to the IHOP.........and also some serious study and research for the term paper in one of my courses and the assignment in the other course.

Shall blog more..............