Jul 10, 2015

Honey Diet

The benefits of a good diet are unparalleled. It is no surprise that it is not just exercise that helps you remain healthy, but the diet you are following too. There have been numerous instances in the past few years that I have substituted something healthy in place of the so-called junk food, rather than going on a crash diet and depriving myself of the food I like to eat. I am listing a few of those changes, which coupled with my running routine have helped me eat what I want and remain healthy and fit.

Fruits instead of chips: Fruits have been an integral part of my intake since childhood. It only helped that my father used to bring varieties of fruits often and we were introduced to the colors, which made it even more attractive, at a young age. I used to be a big fan of chips, particularly potato and banana chips. However in the last five years, I have replaced chips from my intake with more fruits. A variety of cut fruits, fruit juice, milkshakes, fruit mix with honey and some creative preparations like pineapple rasam have helped me increase my fruit intake. On rare occasions when I really want to have chips, I opt for the baked version of pita chips with hummus and that’s good protein.

Herbal tea with honey: The coffee aficionado in me needed a break from the excess caffeine intake my body was having. Black tea is good in its own way, but what appealed to me was the different types of herbal tea and green tea that I got exposed to during my stay in the US. Herbal tea typically have a hibiscus base and there are multiple fruit flavors which I really got drawn to. With a tinge of honey, these herbal teas are really good cleansers and relievers of cold and a sore throat. I now have made herbal tea a part of my daily routine and cut down significantly on coffee.

Yogurt: With the increasing stress levels in our routine, the body tends to need some form of a cooling agent at all times. While lemonade and other forms of fruit juice do provide a respite to the heat in the body, yogurt or curd (as we call it) is something that I like to have particularly on a warm summer day. Freshly prepared yogurt which is not at a very cold temperature is what I prefer the most. This is followed by flavored yogurt particularly Greek flavored yogurt which is very good in terms of the consistency. The flavors are typically fruit flavors. Another nice healthy combination with yogurt is the one with honey (in lieu of sugar) and that is something I have had multiple times in the past.

With all the above things, warm water with honey is something I have on a regular basis and it simple is the nicest thing you can have the first thing in the morning. Your day begins on a sweet note and your body feels good too. Visit http://www.daburhoney.com/ for information on Dabur Honey and what more you can do with honey. 

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