Sep 23, 2008

Good audio, bad video

It hurts to see songs really soothing to the ear, picturized in a non-imaginative way. Especially with the graphics taking over most of the background in the songs these days, it’s been long since one saw a natural picturzation of a good song.
The first one on my attack list would be the ever-refreshing – Kangalal Kaithu Sei, which was a gem of a sound track. But the bad picturization ruined it all, I will never forgive the artistes, choreographer, the director, and above all ARR for not having a peek into the video.

Now, the trailer of the Sakkarakatti (whose music I crave for, despite the very ordinary lyrics) shows another sad tale of a good music slaughtered badly in the video. The two minute clip on Youtube! (also echoing reactions from the audience) is such a sorry video again. The Chinnamma Chilakamma song in M. F. Hussain’s Meenaxi, though shot in a brothel, was picturized very aesthetically. But that is not the case of its Tamil counterpart, which looks like an 'ambulimama' song. The Taxi Taxi song, apparently re-shot to cater to the taste of the urban audience is still worse. I have no idea why there is such a sad end to these melodies. The only hope is on the picturization of Marudhaani, which should complement with the non-sensical lyrics – I hope the use of such lyrics is justified in the video.

Sep 5, 2008

Ganesha Chathurthi

Ganesha Chathurthi or Vinyaka Chathurthi or Pillayar Satthi - however you call it, is a big festival in India. Especially in the states of Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Maharashtra it is indeed one of the biggest festivals, with huge idols of the elephant-faced lord placed all over the city, all month long.
In the past few years in AZ, I used to go to the temple and take part in their celebration also called the 'puja'. This time round, while I was vacation in the NE, I saw a Ganesha idol in one of the grocery stores there. I though, my good old AZ must have it as well, and let me see if I can celebrate the festival. Also a friend of mine called me over for the Gauri habba - the festival of Ganesha's mother. This gave me more motivation to do it different this time.

And there I went on to do the Ganesha Chathurthi at home, inviting a lot of people. It was a good one, and I felt happy doing it! I also made prasadham (kala channa sundal, vermicelli payasam, and aam vade)

Sep 1, 2008

A lazy holiday definitely helps!!!

For a not-so-outdoor person like me, a holiday indoors but away from the stress makes so much of a difference. Especially if it is in a much cooler city than the good-old Tempe, it is even better. Tempe apparently had thunderstorms and hailstorms, but I don't care since I was rejuvenating under the not-so-hot and not-at-all humid weather on the other side of the country.

This lazy five day holiday with relatives did help a lot in preparing for another semester of coursework, research and teaching. Hope to have another good semester! :)