Oct 8, 2007

Mid-sem crisis!!

My status message on Google talk screams the title aloud. The title is self-explanatory. However, a lot of 'concerned' souls seem to think otherwise and kept asking what the crisis is all about and if there is a serious problem happening. There are serious problems, but not in personal life, but in graduate student life.

A mid-sem crisis is something like a mid-life crisis. Mid-sem crisis usually happens due to overload of submissions/deadline for things to do, which is often a result of procrastination but not always. Such a situation always takes place in the graduate student life, every semester, between the first mid term and second mid term and at times goes on till the end of the semester. At times a day would have 2 hours of sleep and 20 hours of work.

Hopefully, I survive it this time! No exams in my course though, but a lot of teaching to do and things to work on for my research! Cannot wait to get back to my good old Bengaluru aka Bangalore for a vacation!

Cooler Tempe

The temperature here dropped to the high 50's - low 60's this weekend. It was 64 F yesterday morning at 8 am when I got out of my school heading to school, it was like a typical Saturday morning... dull and gloomy. Last night it hit 58 F. Temperature going down to half the temperature in summer. We've seen a 118 F day this year and a 58 F day in less than 6 weeks.

A severe winter in store for us I guess!

Oct 3, 2007

Different views!

"mugha nagha natmadhu natpalla nencha thaghanaga natpadhu natpaagum"
Friendship not seeks one's look but seeks their heart

"kaRka kasadara kaRpavai katrapin maRakka seivadhu love aagum"
Love makes you learn everything and forget.

A few lines from the song "Dating" in Boys. One of my favorite songs for its theme and contradicting views of a boy and girl towards love. It is an irony that the song "Shakalaka Baby" from another movie Mudhalvan of the same director Shankar runs in the background and it is an exact reversal of roles.

The lines posted make a lot of sense, however not in entirety. I would incur the wrath of a lot of my friends and others, if I endorse the views of the anti-love portion of the song. Playing it safe! :)