Mar 14, 2011


(A personal blog in a long time. And have tried avoiding a Twitter influence on the blog, except the title.)

Never in the wildest of my dreams, I’d have imagined that I would be pursuing my PhD, and more importantly I’d be finishing it up while in my twenties. This was the state of mind, I was in a good 10 years back, with just a thought about joining a good engineering college and then plan for the future while in college. Isn’t that everyone’s (parents’) dream? Having joined the engineering college, I realized it was going to be four long years, and I had a lot of time to plan my future. But I was wrong. Before I realized, I was out of college, and I was on the flight to the US to pursue my graduate studies (Masters).

Not withstanding the pressure in graduate school, there were days in the first semester here, when I wanted to run back home, and just take up the ‘software engineer’ job, I had declined before getting to the US. There was soon a tide of change, and a pleasant phase in graduate school followed, after I got my PhD admit. This meant I was going to be in school without the outer world’s pressures for five more years. And as with anything, these 5 years passed by like a generation change in Ekta Kapoor’s serials, and of course with a change in looks, sans plastic surgery.

And here I am, almost ready to graduate, once I find a ‘suitable’ job, with the least idea of what I want in life next. On a professional front, it is probably an easier decision to make considering the economy and the demand (or lack of it), around. But, on a personal front, I am not too sure where I am headed.

Who on earth brought down the age for marriage for guys to early twenties? Is it the neighbor aunties/maamis or the marriage brokers, who had a loss of eligible single poor souls or business, following the sudden increase in the number of ‘love’ marriages? Or is it the insecurity of the single guys to get hitched earlier for whatever reason? And I’ve not been spared from this torture either. Or rather, my mom has not been spared of this. I pity the thought of her being accosted by maamis in the weddings she attends, with the maamis saying ‘the girl is in New Jersey, give me Viju’s number, let them get to know each other. And we can then see how it goes.’ Never in the wildest of my dreams, I’d want to get hitched this way (a blog on my ideal wedding, which will never take place, coming up soon). And I must truly appreciate the guts and the continued enthusiasm of the maamis in trying to help me settle down in my life. However, my mom uses the vajrasthram (some destructive weapon) ‘Viju is still jobless, has no clue about life and I feel he is too young for marriage. We are waiting for a couple more years.’ I love my mom for that. But, I am sure my mom will be having a secret thought of getting a daughter-in-law soon, and has a strategy planned for something soon after I ‘settle’ down professionally.

However, my reaction at this point of time, ‘Who cares? I need to graduate!!!! Thank you.’


  1. Sigh. The troubles of an eligible bachelor...

  2. Congratulations Dr! ;) Simple and sweet post it is. All the best man for your bright future! :)

  3. haha..well written!
    you do know right...the maamis are not going to stop..and they might win the battle never know! :D

  4. Congratulations on the graduation and good luck with the maamis,Viju!
    I still remember you mentioning a kind of 5 year plan to find your bride! :)

  5. Nice one.., all the very best :)

  6. (aka @prdyt) Well, Sigh-worthy only :)

    @Joe Thank you so much :) (And soon-to-be Dr. still :-) )

    @Potato Curry Thank you :) And yes, the maamis will never give up!

    @Bindu Thank you Bindu (yet to graduate though!) And yes the five year plan holds good still!

    @Keerthi Thanks man!

  7. i superrlike , superrlike this ! it describes perfectly the range of emotions & mindset of any engineering student aspiring for masters , i mean we r so alike ! loved it :D

  8. Hope I'm invited to your wedding :-)

  9. @Dhruv You sure will be invited, whenever it happens.

  10. It should be Vijjuasthram, named after you:) Two sides to a coin eh. I have a wonderful daughter and don't know who the really lucky guy is going to be. But I have gained experience and knowledge, so far in this search which has made me cultivate a good sense of humour :)

  11. Thanks, Srikar.

    @amas - If one can look at the humorous side of this too, this process will be a lot simpler and perhaps entertaining too. But vaazhkkai prachanai aache? :-)


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