Mar 31, 2011

World Cup and my Sleep-vaas

There have surely many many posts about the Cricket World Cup 2011 in the desi Blogosphere. Capturing the attention of cricket fans nationwide and worldwide for more than a month, the biggest match happened today. India played Pakistan in the semifinal today at Mohali. Being a jinx factor, I chose to sleep all through this match, as with the previous matches that India played (except for the India-Ireland match, which I thought India would surely win, but the bad fielding by our team was exposed then too!). And I surely didn’t want to incur the wrath of a few folks on Twitter.

Here’s some of the Twitter junta’s reaction on this self-imposed/forced sleep-vaas:

And I wake to the news that India won against our (so-called) arch-rivals to meet Srilanka in the World cup final. With the cliched ‘It doesn’t get bigger than this!’ pre-match hype to ‘This was surely fixed’ post-match analysis all over Twitter (and probably Facebook), this match surely caught everyone’s attention. And a cliched answer to this, ‘In the end, cricket is the winner!’

Well, here’s hoping that Dhoni’s men bring home the cup for ‘Him’! Thank you God, I will assure you that I will sleep through the final too!

Update: I might end up watching the final on the big screen. Don't spit on me.
I followed the ritual of my sleep-vaas during the final too. And look what happened! :-) 

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