May 2, 2011

All it took...

It was a Friday afternoon. Teardrops rolled down her cheeks, with the two guys standing by her clueless on how to console her. What made the otherwise-joyous girl have this outburst? Was it a bad day? Probably! Like an undefeated king who is never used to a debacle, this bright student probably never had anyone reprimand her.

Tears continued to roll down her cheeks, as she began to mention the event that led to this. A silly issue, as it might seem, which this perfectionist girl thought was the end of the world, was just a routine issue faced by many, due to circumstances.

All it took to cheer her up, was listening to her sob tale, some cliched consoling words and a tiny piece of chocolate. Well, this was surely an easy task. This girl was easy to cheer up. But then why are women so unpredictable and tough to please?


  1. I was feeling really blue when i chanced upon this post of yours....

  2. Oops! that was not the intention... :-)

  3. Well... I was feeling blue and the truth in the post brought a smile...

    -- 8bitregister

    BTW why is anon comment with url not allowed??

  4. Ah! That's good to hear.

    I disabled Anonymous comments due to all the spam. But it should allow you to put in a name 'Anonymous' with a link right? :-)

  5. Haha...This was such an unexpected post.... But, loved how you start off so glum and end up on a slightly funny note :)


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