Nov 22, 2009

Life, people and relationships

Wrote this in a different state of mind - sounds a little stupid when I actually read it again - but here it goes!

Life sure teaches a lot of things. Failures always need not be the stepping stone to success. They can be a precaution to things that you might not want to land yourself in, a second time. Like 'once bitten, twice shy,' it is indeed hard for us to depend on someone or trust someone, if there is no one to actually help you in that when you need someone the most.

I am no expert in people psychology, but still can say that, most people in this world is self-centered and quite opportunistic. Gone are the days, when people who actually go out of their way to help people or make them feel good. A person who does this is probably one in thousand, and he better not expect such a help in return. Indeed, if he expects something, there is no bigger fool than him.

Not a great expert in love/romance either, but surely, for a relationship to work there needs to be mutual effort and interest, just more than attraction and feeling. Agreed that, you are attracted to a person and feel for the person, but that alone is not enough to sustain the relationship over time. (Having never been in a serious relationship, I might be wrong in saying so.) Just brought this topic up, since this sounds so hollow and that's probably the reason for many relationships breaking up and higher divorce rates. Just hope, people (including me) get to see a person beyond their looks and appearances.

Just feel that world can surely be a better place for all of us, if we are little more accommodating, helpful and don't expect much from others!

Nov 21, 2009

100th post

Apparently my 100th post on this blog (saw it after I wrote the blog!) - So dedicating it to just the number 100 :P

Nov 1, 2009

Social Networking and employers - my posts or my resume??

In an age of social media and networking, it is quite likely that your prospective employers want to know more about the 'Real' you, while they are considering you for a position. While it is understandable that they need to get a responsible person for the position, it is quite unreasonable that they go over your profiles and posts in Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Myspace, Orkut and the like. Going over it in Linkedin, the professional site is understandable, but not the others.

These sites are more a platform to voice out your opinions on current topics and one definitely has freedom of expression and thought. Maybe using unparliamentary language, commenting abusively or posting pictures that ought to be private, is not a ethical thing, but having your own opinion on things is not wrong. Its your personal space and you have the authority to say things out.

If one is going to judge you based on your posts rather than your technical skills and people skills, it is indeed unfortunate. I would not call this kind of networking as a part of social skills (even though it actually is), since it is something that is private and a good line has to be drawn between professional and personal life.

(Thanks to Prathap for initiating this discussion and also to Harish for bearing with me in the discussion :).)