Mar 12, 2008

Spring Break!

Having been in school for almost two and half year now, the Spring break seems to be a real 'BREAK' from the otherwise long and hectic Spring semester. The three long weekends in the Fall semester make it so well-spread out, however the same cannot be said about the Spring semester for it's week-long break. However, it is better than nothing at all! It would ultimately end with a mid-sem crisis, especially for those flooded with assignments and exams right after the break.

For me, it was a trip to Detroit and Chicago during my first one in 2006. Last year (2007), it was a mere relaxing one at home, with a few visits to school and lab. It was more of shopping too! This year, as of now there haven't been any plans yet, other than reviving my research, apart from working on the projects in my two courses. However, my plan of sleeping 8 hrs a day during the break is working fine! Plus, atleast half a movie a day! (I enjoy watching movies by spreading them over 3-4 days. My record has been a movie watched over 18 days, Thiruda Thiruda! I so forgot the story that I had to start from the same point almost 3 days in a row. But I watched it again in Dec 2006, this time non-stop).

Spring is a that time of the year, when Tempe becomes unassumingly pleasant, with the temperatures in the 60-70's. This reminds me of the Bangalore weather around the same time, which would be filled with some miscellaneous showers (especially in April). Hence, spending the Spring break at home, without the noise from the AC/Heater is a good thing to do too! And to top it all, listening to music from my music system.

Spring break is also the time, I try to cook something good at least once. However, it hasn't happened this time yet, partly due to my loss of interest of cooking (or should I call it lack of interest). But, I am sure, I will cook once for the newly wedded folks who are just back from India.

This time round, I also did some shopping in Target, Walmart, and Sunflower market (I love the place) for some good junk food! And also at Lee Lee's and Little India. I got my ever-favorite Murukku's, Banana chips and Marie biscuits :)

Clothes shopping (for myself) in the US has never interested me, though I buy things for people back home. Is it due to the plethora of clothes that I brought from India, this time around, or just the Made in India, Honduras, Vietnam labels that hinder a otherwise-relentless shopper to shop clothes? It happened this time too, when I saw good stuff in Target and Walmart, but also saw a Made in India/Vietnam label on them.

For those fortunate ones having a nice time out of Tempe (or your respective university town), Have a nice time, wherever you are!

Mar 2, 2008

Shauk Hai

Kaash ye zindagi Khel hi khel mein kho gayi hoti... - How true? If only life were a child's play....

This has been one of my Google talk status messages in the past few day. It's from a track from the movie Guru called Shauk Hai. I made a mention of this in one of my earlier posts. But I felt the need to put down an entire blog in dedication of the song itself....

A subtle one, featured on Vidya Balan mainly in the movie, did not make it to the audio CD's or Cassettes, but did come out in a A.R. Rahman Special MP3 cd by Sony. A heavenly voice, Soumya Raoh, breezes through this song and the picturization of the song fits in well in the movie.

It's one of ARR's simplest songs ever, mainly accompanied by keyboard notes. The interlude 2:36 - 2:57 is ARR at his best. The song never fails to grow on me, and I am tempted to repeat the track several times, each time I hear it. The 'subah ki roshni' has a nice outburst, proving that ARR is a musical genius once again.

I could go with a lot of adjectives for this one - soft, gentle, subtle, tender and so on.... but nothing could capture the entire essence of the song.

At times, I feel that the song did not get enough attention as the other songs in the movie. But, I am sure there is a silent majority that loves this song. There is no full video on this one, as in any Maniratnam movie, it appears in parts. However Youtube does have a remix video, which doesn't have the same feel though (makers of the video, kindly excuse me).

And some kind souls put up their versions of the English translation of the song up on the web. Though, I read them, 'kavidhai variyin suvai, artham puriyum varai' doesn't hold hold in this case, since I come up with a new thought everytime I listen to this song....

Mar 1, 2008


Got it in one of the many forwards I get:

Today is the 29th of Feb....the '366th' day or leap day in the year.

Your yearly salary is based on 365 days in the year therefore we are all working for nothing today.

So please.....slow down, relax, and take it easy.

Cute! :)