Feb 21, 2009

Elections - India votes soon!

It was since 1996 elections that I have been following the politics in India. And during the last elections I did vote and was very happy that I did that. Every citizen has a voice in the democracy which is a government by the people, for the people and of the people.

But is that the case in India - the world's largest democracy anymore? A lot of political leaders have made democracy - by money (buying votes), of money, for the money (corruption) making it more - 'BUY' the people, 'OFF' the people and 'FAR' (away from) the people.

Am sure, I am yet another mute spectator in this game, seeing money bags roll over between political parties and the leaders, religion and caste-based politics ruling the roost here. What qualification do - a tainted former Indian cricket captain and a cine actor who was in jail for the bomb-blasts have to contest the elections?

I love my country and sure want a knowledgeable leader leading it, and not a person who is in power for monetary benefit. Some day, surely, I want to make a difference to this scenario. Everyone is hoping for a change, but the change is yet to come to India. Hope it does sooner than later! This entire generation of politicians needs to go and the next generation (not hierarchical) should take up the reins.

Jai Ho India!

Slumdog - worth the hype?

It in fact was one of the very very over-rated movies I had ever seen. Especially with memories of India still afresh in my mind, it showed India in such bad light. India sure has its elements that were not showcased in the movie. For a lead actor who could not act for nuts, for a non-realistic quiz show host (can anyone mock at the contestant that way), and for a 1980's movie storyline of brothers seperated while young, it sure was a disasatrous package. If at all there was anything that made up for all this was the sincere portrayal of the roles by the kid actors. They were the best things about the movie :) .

And though I am really really happy for A.R.Rahman for getting an Oscar nomination, a BAFTA amongst many other awards, it honestly was not his best scores. With his best scores noticed in India itself being a great thing, I am glad he found his recognition outside the world. I personally like O - Saya and Latika's theme from the soundtrack and it sure deserves an applause. I hope to watch A.R.Rahman perform during the Oscar ceremony on TV :).

All said, Slumdog Millionaire is not an Indian movie - but just a movie based on India. I would call it 'Over-rated load of over-emphasized crap!'. Come on there are far far better movies, or may be was director Priyadarshan said - the ace director Mani Ratnam should have directed the movie and I am sure we Indians would have liked it too!

Tour India - 2008-09

It has been so so so long since I blogged. I was on travel to India and then the busy semester took over. A lot of developments in the world ever since then.

The new year started off great for me enjoying my stay at home, eating everything I wanted except that I did not put on weight at all. With five and half weeks at my disposal, I raided every food joint possible and every cloth store possible. My shopping streak began the very first day, and went on till the end. With my sis and mom having vacation during this break, it was good fun and there was never a boring moment.

Catching up with good old friends was something I did quite a bit. I did get back to the 6th sem project days and 8th sem project days when I met my project partners. It was a memorable meet and Praneeth (one of my friends)actually did retain the 6th sem project model to gift it to Ratheesh (other of my friends). It was good fun!

Also a trip to Vizag was so memorable with me seeing the sunrise at the Bay of Bengal on two days (I did get up at 5:00 am to see that!). Also, a submarine museum that I could have never dreamed to see otherwise, was there too. We did visit Borra caves and Arakku valley (supposedly the shooting spots for most Vijay movies).

I also made a small kutti trip to visit my grandmom in Mettupalayam, and I was happy that I made one. A trip to Shirdi was on the cards, but didn't materialize thanks to my energy drain-out.

Of the many other things I made the trip, there was my dental treatment. I can now have icecream and cold stuff :), without pain in my cavity. Thanks to my frequent dates with the dentist :P.

with yet another semester into its fifth week, it sure is a hectic semester with me needing to proceed with my research quick :)

I miss India - for more reasons than one! ;)