Feb 21, 2009

Elections - India votes soon!

It was since 1996 elections that I have been following the politics in India. And during the last elections I did vote and was very happy that I did that. Every citizen has a voice in the democracy which is a government by the people, for the people and of the people.

But is that the case in India - the world's largest democracy anymore? A lot of political leaders have made democracy - by money (buying votes), of money, for the money (corruption) making it more - 'BUY' the people, 'OFF' the people and 'FAR' (away from) the people.

Am sure, I am yet another mute spectator in this game, seeing money bags roll over between political parties and the leaders, religion and caste-based politics ruling the roost here. What qualification do - a tainted former Indian cricket captain and a cine actor who was in jail for the bomb-blasts have to contest the elections?

I love my country and sure want a knowledgeable leader leading it, and not a person who is in power for monetary benefit. Some day, surely, I want to make a difference to this scenario. Everyone is hoping for a change, but the change is yet to come to India. Hope it does sooner than later! This entire generation of politicians needs to go and the next generation (not hierarchical) should take up the reins.

Jai Ho India!


  1. There are many many campaigns that are being launched in India 1 Billion Votes..many capitalists and many companies are sponsoring and promoting the event..just like in USA which had a record turnout..it will happen in India too..if more educated people go to vote..definitely a more educated guy will be chosen!:)
    everyone can play part by asking ur relatives to vote rather than taking a holiday and relaxing at home for one day !

  2. Well definitely, if people are responsible in voting or even say no one deserves to be voted, it is going to make a big difference :)

  3. Good thoughts Viju. I do agree to your last line though I also see that probably , it has an assumption included.
    How good or capable is actually the next generation ? If you see the age and kind of people following the politics ever since our freedom , you would find that the age has gradually gone up while the qualifications have gone down. I can give you an example from my state. During the earlier times many of the people getting into such movements / politics would be almost surely the top lot from the best colleges. And now ...nobody gives a thought. A very very small percentage of young people join politics , and mostly as pawns , and are misguided and misused. Also ,I can probably say this with high probability that "joining politics" would not be taken to be a good thing for a young person if he/she is coming from an educated family . The person would be outclassed in no time.
    I totally agree , a new generation should take over ...but ...

  4. That's true! The entire system needs to be cleansed so that one takes pride in leading the community as a politician. but unfortunately, it will happen with a new generation, ruled by mind power and not money power!

    Thanks for your comment :) Cheshire (???)


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