Jun 24, 2009

Mere thoughts...

No one really cares about one's success in life if his personal or professional life is not happy.

A stroke of good luck can revive someone's professional life. A stroke of bad luck can bring down someone to shambles. Usually it is hard work and some bit of that is attributed to one's success in professional life.

However, from my experiences, success in personal life is very different. Personal life need not just include the significant other or companion or spouse, it will also mean one's parents, siblings. good friends and the like. Your close ones are not going to be happy seeing you in a sad state of affairs. A family will always support its member, irrespective of the state he is in, and try to help him out in the tough situation. Luck doesn't usually impact one's personal life, but the person himself is capable of making a HUGE impact.

Come what may, trust yourself and know that people are on your side for support! There will be shortcomings. but surely there is light at the end of the tunnel!

A lot happens in life for one's good! Things that happen, happen for good! Things that don't happen, have not happened for the better... there are better things awaiting :)

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