Jun 24, 2009

Recent memorable movies

Some movies that I watched recently and thought were memorable for some reason...

Fashion - A typical Madhur-Bhandarkar movie focussed on the Showbiz, had powerful performances from Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut. And not to forget, some good music as well. A confident Piggy Chops surely walked away with lot of trophies for this one :)

Dasvidaniya - What I expected to be a tear-jerker was a total surprise. With its amazing cinematography and good performances by the lead and the supporting cast (mainly Vinay Pathak and the female actor who played his mother), it was good weekend watch. Another form of bucket list and well made to suit Indian audience unfortunately found very few takers in the box office. Who appreciates off-beat movies anyways?

My Brother Nikhil
- A very sensitive film with a protagonist who is HIV positive, and how his sister and friend stand by him and fight till the very end. I simply admire Sanjay Suri, Purab Kohli and of course Juhi Chawla for enacting the roles with such maturity. Hats off to director Onir for giving this masterpiece to Indian Cinema. My eyes were totally moist during the movie and after that too!

Varanam Aayiram - Not a favorite of everyone, the movie indeed was colorful and packed with emotions and at times things went overboard. But the genuineness of the director trying to portray a father-son relationship in that way needs to be appreciated. Whether it was completely realistic or not, is yet another topic. The music made the movie memorable too :)

Abhiyum Naanum - A counterpart of Varanam Aayiram -a father-daughter story told from the father's view. An interesting aspect was every daughter could relate to the movie and so did every father. With a near-perfect performance by Prakash Raj and ably accompanied by Aishwarya, though this movie could not recreate the magic of Mozhi (director Radha Mohan), the director needs to praised for providing clean entertainment. Trisha could have enacted the role a lot better.

Delhi 6 - I like and dislike the movie. Initially, I didn't realize what the movie was about, but later realized there were layers underneath and there was another interpretation of the movie within. I like it for making me think and I hate it for the same reason. A.R. Rahman had good music on this one, and there were used efficiently in the movie.

Mumbai Meri Jaan
- An excellent portrayal of the aftermath of the Mumbai blasts and its effect on the lives of 5 individuals. A different and effective attempt, and good performances by Paresh Rawal, Kay Kay Menon, Irfaan Khan and Madhavan.

Changeling - A pretty slow movie and you know the theme of the movie from it's trailers itself. Angelina Jolie did great in the movie with her subtle emotions and with the 1920's style of dressing and mannerisms. It indeed was a depressing at times, but am sure it was a well-crafted and well-made movie. And Angelina sure deserved an Oscar nomination for this one.

I also felt Tehzeeb and Subramaniyapuram were different in their own right. But (with due respect to the directors) I didn't feel they impacted me too much :)

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