Jun 9, 2012

In search of myself

(Impulsive post. I am sure I'll be embarrassed when I read it after a few days/weeks/years) :-)

We change. In many ways. We change as a friend, as a son/daughter, as a significant other and in many other ways. Whether the change is for good or not, is something that’s unknown. There’s this thing, I miss the old me. How this change occurred is something that’s unknown to me. Was it me, the place, the people, or life as such? I am unable to pinpoint at one thing.

It’s interesting how you can relate to a song, especially with its lyrics, even though the meaning of the lyrics and the reason for you to relate to it needn’t necessarily have a connection or a common premise. I miss the old me, or rather an old part of me. And I don’t think I could have summarized it better than a few lines in this song. However narcissistic this might sound, considering the old me was a part of me, in fact my better half, is what I’ve come to believe. Running away from myself is something that’s probably happened.

thalaivaa sugama sugama? un thanimai sugama sugama?
How is your solitude doing?

sirumai kandu thavitthen en siragail ondrai muritthen, ottrai chiragil oona paravai etthanai dhooram parappen?
I ended up breaking one of my wings, and how far can I fly with just one wing?

anbae unnai veruththen, en arivai naane eriththen, uravin perumai pirivil kandu uyiril paadhi kuraindhen
I absolutely hated you and in the process burnt my intelligence, I realized the importance of relationships and lost half of my soul.

After all, vaazhkkai or vattam pol mudindha idatthil thodangadha, is surely what one wants, right? :-) (can life not start at an ending point like how a circle does?)

And nothing better than this to ask myself: Unn poigal ellaam sugamaa-aaa?  (Are your lies all fine?)

And does ‘Kuraigal ullathu manitha uravugal puriyadha?’ (aren’t human relationships allowed to be flawed?) answers it all. With respect to I, Me and Myself.

(These lines from Azhage Sugamaa and Anbe Sugamaa, two absolutely wonderful songs from the movie Paarthaale Paravasam. Sung by Sadhana Sargam and Srinivas and composed by A.R.Rahman)

Feb 11, 2012

Thoughts on Ek Mein Aur Ekk Tu

Though largely incomplete, Ek Mein Aur Ekk Tu (EMAET) was definitely enjoyable for the most part. Having gone in with a ‘is this going to be a What Happens in Vegas rehash,’ I was pleasantly surprised. And more, when it instantly struck a chord, especially in its final moments. 

Borrowing its premise from multiple movies including Wake Up Sid, Udaan, 3 Idiots, Bommarillu and the likes, it sure would have been a bad decision if it retained its original title 'Short Term Shaadi'. The shaadi is the last thing in/from the movie that you'll probably remember. Not going into the wafer-thin premise, one can just say that the debutant director Shakun Batra follows his end message 'Live every moment, don't bother about the future' throughout the movie.

Kareena's Ri act closely follows her Geet character from Jab We Met and probably borderlines Konkana's Ayesha from Wake Up Sid. And no size-zero-ness (Thank god for that!) Imran’s Rahul Kapoor character is almost a replica of Madhavan's role in 3 Idiots. And what's with the obsession of every third movie's male lead character with the camera? It's not that photography is the only hobby for the metrosexual male.

Ratna Pathak Shah is in a completely different role from what she portrayed on Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na where she played Imran's mother too. Boman Irani (Imran's father) has been in very similar roles and I so wish the filmmakers gave this immensely talented actor more diverse roles.

Amit Trivedi's tracks are quite lively, even though they closely resemble the types of tracks that Shankar Ehsaan Loy or Vishal Shekar usually provide for Karan Johar's productions. Aahatein by Shilpa Rao and Karthik, who makes his debut in an Amit Trivedi's soundtrack, is my pick.

If only Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions could get over their obsession of filming in a city in the US. Didn’t their own Wake Up Sid work very well being set in Bombay, oops Mumbai?

Image courtesy: http://media1.santabanta.com/full4/bollywood%20movies/ek%20main%20aur%20ekk%20tu/ek-main-aur-ekk-tu-2v.jpg

Jan 12, 2012

The Priceless Red Liquid

Many a time, on Twitter, I’ve retweeted (RT-ed) that someone needs a specific group of blood in a particular city/hospital. While I am not aware of the difference, if any, that tweet might have made, it still gives me a hope that there’s someone somewhere donating blood to that patient. The fear of needles, thanks to a 4-day stint at a hospital as a teenager with non-stop drips, had prevented me from having thoughts of donating blood. Okay, you’re allowed to laugh if you want to. The (heartless) teenager that I was in college would ignore requests for blood donation at the hospital adjoining my engineering college.

During grad school at ASU, I’d regularly notice a United Blood Services truck on campus, seeking blood donation. Once, gathering some courage, I went to the volunteers only to be informed that I was ineligible to donate as an international student.

The move to the new city for a position at the hospital exposed me to frequent blood donation camps. The fear of needles still continued to haunt me. They haunted me to the extent that I refused to take a mandatory flu shot, till I was informed of dire consequences. (Okay, laugh some more!)

Yesterday, the American Red Cross was in the hospital for a blood donation camp. An enthusiastic me (I don’t know where he came from) inquired about the prospect of donating, and I was eligible to donate this time. Certain impulsive decisions never go wrong. This was such an instance. Barring the slight pain associated with the prick of a relatively large needle to draw blood, this is something I’d recommend everyone to experience in life. I am not too sure if I will continue donating regularly. But the thought of the donated blood being used to help a person, or even give him/her a new lease of life, makes me want to do so regularly. I hope I keep up with it.

And that said, too much of Greys Anatomy did no harm to anyone. I am sure @aishu_s will agree with that. :-)

Image Courtesy: http://www.yale.edu/redcross/img/blood%20drop.jpg