Jan 12, 2012

The Priceless Red Liquid

Many a time, on Twitter, I’ve retweeted (RT-ed) that someone needs a specific group of blood in a particular city/hospital. While I am not aware of the difference, if any, that tweet might have made, it still gives me a hope that there’s someone somewhere donating blood to that patient. The fear of needles, thanks to a 4-day stint at a hospital as a teenager with non-stop drips, had prevented me from having thoughts of donating blood. Okay, you’re allowed to laugh if you want to. The (heartless) teenager that I was in college would ignore requests for blood donation at the hospital adjoining my engineering college.

During grad school at ASU, I’d regularly notice a United Blood Services truck on campus, seeking blood donation. Once, gathering some courage, I went to the volunteers only to be informed that I was ineligible to donate as an international student.

The move to the new city for a position at the hospital exposed me to frequent blood donation camps. The fear of needles still continued to haunt me. They haunted me to the extent that I refused to take a mandatory flu shot, till I was informed of dire consequences. (Okay, laugh some more!)

Yesterday, the American Red Cross was in the hospital for a blood donation camp. An enthusiastic me (I don’t know where he came from) inquired about the prospect of donating, and I was eligible to donate this time. Certain impulsive decisions never go wrong. This was such an instance. Barring the slight pain associated with the prick of a relatively large needle to draw blood, this is something I’d recommend everyone to experience in life. I am not too sure if I will continue donating regularly. But the thought of the donated blood being used to help a person, or even give him/her a new lease of life, makes me want to do so regularly. I hope I keep up with it.

And that said, too much of Greys Anatomy did no harm to anyone. I am sure @aishu_s will agree with that. :-)

Image Courtesy: http://www.yale.edu/redcross/img/blood%20drop.jpg


  1. People with fear of needles should read this :) Well, good for you! you took the first step :)Yes blood donation is a great thing and all those fit enough to donate should do.

  2. Thank you! Motivated to donate regularly henceforth.


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