Dec 30, 2011

2011 - In a nutshell

To keep up with the 2 year tradition, here's my 2011 in a nutshell.

  • Successfully defended my dissertation and got my PhD. A sentiment speech has to be given no? 'This was my family’s dream (and mine too, okay), and I am glad that blah blah blah...'. (And not too sure how I feel about it still, even after 5+ months.)
  • The Teaching Excellence Award finally, after being nominated for the third time. I’d almost resigned my fate to that of Meryl Streep’s.
  • A paper in this prestigious journal, something that I should have had 2-3 years ago. Better late than never.
  • Had to say goodbye to my pseudo thai-mann (motherland -  word courtesy @palavertalk) Tempe after 6 years of stay there. Miss the food, some of the people, and the heat!
  • Got ATL-ed (word courtesy @krtgrphr), and am not too sure if I like it here, yet!
  • Not having stayed in the same city as relatives/family thus far, I learnt staying in such a city is not hard after all (and is surely helpful too!)
  • Learnt it the hard way that people aren’t required to survive/keep myself occupied in a new city. It’s only ‘me’ that’s required.
  • Surprised myself with a 2 month Twitter break. 
  • Also, got back onto Facebook after a 14 month break, and I think I am done with that form of social networking. (I think I should write a post about it soon.)
  • Realized the 42-inch TV is my 42, for now. (My dream for a long time, ala Asin’s ambassador car dream in Ghajini.)
PS: I am alive to see my blogs slip into coma and have a near-death experience. Blame it on my over-indulgence in TV shows. And the thought that I lacked thoughts to blog about. I still think so!

PPS: I was to write something in a nutshell. Apologies for making it a coconut shell.


  1. Thanks for sharing your life of 2011. I wish you all the best for 2012 including the events that you dream of.


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