Sep 5, 2006

"Untitled" - fell short of ideas

An uninteresting blog this time with an more uninteresting title. I fell so short of ideas that, and decided to call it "untitled". Currently I am bored to death with ym life though there are lot of stuff that I need to do.
I came up with my website in the ASU domain, if you wanna go there, click here.

I basically set it up to post the document that I prepared for the new admits to ASU. Then I felt I could have some stuff about me on it. But I got so bored typing about myself that I had a short introduction about and posted the files as well.

My India trip, a really long one was really very nice and I should come up with a blog for that soon.

But this weekend was really a very nice weekend, a long one , thanks to the Labour Day that is coming up on the 5th of September. It was a movie mania with me seeing Kamal's latest offering "Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu", Munnabhai's and Circuit's continued ventures in "Lage Raho Munnabhai" , both on the big screen here at Tempe cinemas and Krissh and Omkara(yet to complete watching) on the mini-screen on my laptop. It was also a weekend of nice sleep(as usual), some shopping(not all the great), an outing to Tempe town lake and two visits to the IHOP.........and also some serious study and research for the term paper in one of my courses and the assignment in the other course.

Shall blog more..............

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