Mar 3, 2007

Unakkul Naane

Another song blog, but a little shorter one this time. I haven't heard it that many times for it to have a great impact on me like Paartha Mudhal Naale or Suttum vizhi Chudare. For people who don't know what song I am talking about, it is "Unakkul Naane Urugum Iravil, Ullathai Naan Sollava" from Pachaikili Muthucharam, starring Jyothika directed by Gautham Menon. Is it a coincidence that I need to love any song Bombay Jayshree sings for Harris Jeyaraj. I am not a great fan of him at all, but somehow the combo of the two of them creates magic. I simply love this song, still figuring out why?

One of the reasons could be the excellent violin pieces that plays between the two charanams. Amazing clip, one that I've liked after YSR's magic in Oru Naal in PUdhupettai. Another song with an excellent Violin piece was "Azhage sugama" and "Anbe sugama" from Paarthale Paravasam by the genius ARR. But the violin piece in this song is simply exquisite, simply apart from the other two equally good ones.

Another reason is the way, BJ takes pains in stressing each word in the second charanam, "Thee pol then pol salaname dhaan, madhiyen nimmadi sidhaiyayndhal " after which the lines pick up the tempo. This was really good in the age of singers who swallow half the words while singing or the music takes over leaving the lyrics unheard.

Another version of this song, a more western one with Madhushree, is equally good, except for the fact that Madhushree cannot infuse the same feeling that BJ did. Maybe it's her Tamil written in Hindi/Bengali. The classical one with BJ, wins when compared to Madhushree's version. But I love the song on the whole.


  1. Like the song too, and liked your post too. HJ probably realises what a nice violin bit he composed too, coz he reuses it in the BGM so frequently

  2. Thanks, Dufusmaximus for your comments.

  3. I'm also an addict of this violin track.. ;>


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