Nov 8, 2007


Phew! No blog for an entire month! Probably shows the vettiness no longer exists and mid-sem crisis has taken it's toll on me.... kidding.

Of late, I've been too busy and haven't found time to write something here. However, I've been writing other stuff for long. It's a report for my qualifying exam scheduled later on in the month. That's a different experience totally and I have begun to like it too. After all, writing is an art by itself. Also, I have been writing codes for my algorithm, which is interesting too.

Haven't watched too many movies to comment on them either, but watched Johnny Gaddar which was a good and different approach. I attend grihapraveshas of the houses of a two friends, which indeed was so relaxing from this hectic schedule.

Not a great Diwali/Deepavali either, since the report-writing will take a lot longer than expected.

However,it's been a nice week without the usual teaching, so have lots of time to sleep in the mornings (something that I love to do).

Winter has not begun here yet and the pleasant weather continues.

Will probably write something soon! Got quite a few ideas to write on!

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