Aug 31, 2009

Amma Un Pillai

Naan Kadavul is one of the movies that I might not watch ever in my lifetime, though I want to. Bala's movies are something that I so want to watch, since I know they are quite different from the run-of-the-mill movies. I was kind of scarred by the ending of Sethu (which was the only scene I saw in the movie), skipped Nandha (thanks to the trailers shown by Sun TV), and saw Pithamagan first half featuring Surya and Laila's comedy. I probably would have watched NK, if Ajith starred in it, since I was a loyal Ajith fan till a while ago. Unfortunately that didn't happen and Arya acted in it getting rave reviews.

The Maestro reworked on a few of his earlier scores and created magic with his music in this movie. One of the songs that will linger on in your mind for a long time is this song 'Amma Unn Pillai.'

This song starts with a gruffy Lata-Mangeshkar-kind-voice, and sails smoothly only to unravel that Sadhana Sargam is singing this song. Reworked from one of his songs in the early 80's Ilayaraja makes it very contemporary and probably apt for the movie.

The violin piece before the first charanam is a classic composition, and the interlude before the second charanam reminds you of the really good 1980's music. The interlude before the third charanam is something that you would have definitely heard in the movie climaxes, but the way the Maestro mixes it into this song is really superb. Hopefully this is picturized on screen well. That way Bala picturized a lot of his songs so very well including: Malaiyil Vethanai in Sethu, Mun Paniya in Nandha and Elangathu in Pithamagan.

One of the very few songs with three charanams these days had wonderful lines like --- 'Vidhi enum Ezhuthellam Vizhi neeril Azhiyum Or Neram,' and 'Jenmangalil Paavam Pen Jenmame, Bandhangal Endru Sonnal Thunbangale.' The latter one is true!

Not a typical song of Sadhana, this needed a lot of emphasis on the words, which she has not mis-pronounced the words, which is good (including the hard 'zh' in 'Vidhi enum Ezhuthellam Vizhi neeril Azhiyum Or Neram' ). Though she gets a little screechy in the high pitches, she maintains the sober tone of the song. I would'nt call it her best rendition, but it surely is one rendition, she will definitely be proud of. From a gruffy voice in the first line to a sweeter voice in the charanams, she sails through the songs very well. And she definitely puts in a lot of emotions into this song.

In a time of really past paced songs with non-sensical or non-decipherable lyrics this is sure to stand out :)

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