Feb 6, 2011

Ordered pairs

A pair of eyes to view the beautiful things in life,
A pair of hands to work on a few creative things in life,
A pair of ears to listen to the music of life.

What else would I have liked as a pair in my life?
Probably an identical twin along with me; well I'd be wishing for one, at least until I get my significant other.

Edit after a comment: And many other ordered pairs ave been deemed #indecent and hence do not find a place in the list. Thank you. :P


  1. Though I have a very #Haun-worthy comment, I shall abstain. :P

    But ya, the idea of a twin brother sounds cool, but on second thoughts, I don't want people to be confusing me with someone else (even if it were my brother).

    P.S: The attention seeker in me posted that.

  2. @PRandom processing aka Pradyut...
    The other haun-worthy comment - thanks for not posting it :P

    Well, it's up to you/your twin bro to create his own identity that people can differentiate between the two, unless you want to have the others guessing all the time, which is not fun after a certain point of time. :)

  3. I have seen twins in my life who are my friends..they are so different from each other (just look alike). Also its not necessary that they can get along with each other very well. Some as a matter of fact dont want to be with each other and do the same things just coz they are twins!! They make different kind of friends.


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