Sep 20, 2007

Coffee - and its rejuvenating Aroma!!!

Coffee - something that you'll find in any restaurant in any part of the world. Various flavors to it and thus called by various names including mocha, latte, cappuchino etc. Not getting into those details, this is about the simple coffee made in every possible Indian household - Filter coffee and Instant coffee.

The name that comes to anyone's mind while talking about instant coffee in India is Bru or Nescafe Sunrise. The chicory in these makes it apart from anything that is available in the US, apart from it's finely powdered form. I've been lucky to find Bru in almost every Indian store around that too for a very reasonable price.

My day begins with a cup of coffee, usually Bru. (I usually don't have the time to have a filter coffee, though I would love to, since I need to leave home by 8 am). The coffee aroma itself is sufficient to wake me up, and keep me awake for the entire day. Also on days that I have filter coffee, the Coffee Day Ultra Rich coffee's aroma is simply out of the world, fill my kitchen with nostalgia. I simply love it. Cothas coffee/Narasu's coffee give pretty good aroma too.

The coffee in Karnataka(a state in India) is a served in very small cups/tumbler(lota), and I know of people that have 6-8 such cups of coffee a day. However, the cup is always half full, or the usual "by 2" seen in Bangalore restaurants. A "by 2" means split one cup of coffee into 2 cups, so that two people can have it. However, it is seen that both cups are almost 3/4th's full(though with lather). Thus, a benefit to the buyer/s.

These days I figured out, a coffee right after lunch is quite helpful in staying awake, thus surviving the doze cause heavy food intake, which specially occurs when I have a class right after lunch. My department used to have the coffee room open till the end of summer and it indeed was helpful in keeping us awake at all times. A slight hint of drowsy feeling, would lead me to the coffee room, and there I get rejuvenated. Sad that it is no longer open to us. However, that didn't stop us from getting our own stuff to do coffee. But the experiment became a disaster, when the coffee maker didn't function. Waiting to get a new coffee maker this weekend.
One can argue about the effects of coffee, but the majority of people (that drink coffee) still continue to do so. Coffee continues to have a strong presence felt. However. a limited consumption is always good. Anything in excess is bad. 'Alavukku Minjinaal Amirthamum Visham', translates 'If not taken in right quantities, amrutha(heavenly nectar, known to give immortality) also is poison'.

Time for another cup of coffee.....

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  1. Nescafe Sunrise? Never heard of...must add that one to my collection one day. Thanks for the enlightenment and go enjoy your coffee!


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