Sep 6, 2007

My new music system

I had been wanting to get a real big music system for a while. A primitive music lover like me has quite a few of his music on cassettes(not that I don't have their MP3 versions), I somehow love cassettes. The old system I had was given to me by Ram, and I had it for a good two years, though CDs stopped playing on that one.

My specifications for the system were called as outdated by a few people. I wanted something that could play Mp3 CDs, audio CDs, and cassettes and not cost more than a couple of hundreds of dollars, yet have a good sound output. I found that CD players or boombox were not good keywords to search them on the web. A visit to a friend's house proved to be fruitful, when I figured out that these were called 'shelf systems'. (Have they never called things right in the US?)

A couple of searches showed me good ones for less than 200 bucks. I had decided on getting one, but decided to hold on to it for a while, and get it after clearing a few uncertainities.

However, I told Supprey I was planning on getting it sometime. And thought will buy it over the Labor day weekend and forgot about it.

The next day I go their house, and I see this one and they say it's my b'day gift. I was speechless and still am. One of the really nice gifts ever! Now, I no longer listen to songs on my Dell speakers when I am home. It is on the big Philips FWM575 360 Watts MP3/WMA Mini Shelf System. It plays Mp3 cds, CD's and cassettes in addition to Mp3 files on a USB drive :)

Thanks, Supprey, Dilip, Harish and Prathap for this one!

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