Jul 11, 2008

Weather, iPhone, ARR and Jaane Tu

While its been an amazing morning here in Tempe/Scottsdale, I found yet another reason to blog. My workspace at TGen (the place I am interning this summer), has a beatiful view of the Scottsdale hills. This is where quite a few of the million-dollar houses are lodged, safely atop the hill. The not-so-high mountains have clouds (or should I call in fog in Indian English) covering them up and it is a real beauty to watch. It is more like how Kudremukh (in Karnataka, India) used to be on most days of the year. I cannot liken this weather to my good old Bangalore weather, since it is very humid. But as long as the sun is not out, I have no reason to complain.

And today is the release of the iPhone 3G, something that I wanted to get badly, but thanks to the service providers illogically high data plan, I might as well stick to my Nokia 6682 till its contract ends. Or in other words, (as singer Chinmayi puts it in her blog) - iPhone, (i) didn't go, (i) didn't see, (i) didn't get conquered.

Its also the release of ARR's Tamil album - Sakkarakatti, and am looking forward to see how my favorite 'Yeh Rishta' (Meenaxi) sounds in Tamil.

Also, I am finally going to watch 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' today. It didn't get released here in Tempe last week :( . Hoping the movie is as refreshing as its reviews. And, as I told someone - I haven't really lived my youth in a long time, hopefully I do it today! Hope there are not very high expectations :)

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