Jul 21, 2008

World's largest democracy... But...!

Probably my first politics-related post. I have always chosen to write on food, music, movies and other trivial stuff. While the rising political temperatures in India definitely make this a good topic to write on, I am really pained at the sad state of affairs in the Indian political system. This is not a post that is biased towards any single party, but biased towards the people of India ourselves.

An avid follower of the Indian democratic politics since 1996, the time the coalition politics began playing games with the country’s men and within the county, I have always wondered how being a politician, one can change stances for both monetary benefit and promise of position. An elected representative however greedy one can be, needs to look back into the faith a common man has put in him and voted for him, favoring him over his rivals. This time round when the Dr. Manmohan Singh-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government is facing the trust vote over a proposition regarding the nuclear deal, it is indeed really disappointing to see the members of parliament (MPs) bargaining for a ministerial berth or post of a chief minister in order to vote for the government, in order for it to not tumble. The rates that are going per MP almost touched Rs. 25 crores ($5.8 million) and now it has reached a Rs. 100 crores.

While the hard-working tax payers money is going into the ruthless (I couldn’t think of any other word, though it doesn’t fit well into the context) MPs pocket, one really thinks if it is worth the cause while there are just 10 months for the next National polls. Even though the elections are a burden on the national exchequer, it is not that the elections are far off. Instead of bribing these greedy MPs, one could as well seek a fresh mandate from the ever-confused people (which includes me as well). But in the past 12 years, we have issued a fractured mandate, hence the rule of coalition politics is here to stay, whether we like it or not.

If the BJP-led NDA supports the nuclear deal, it should vote for the government, as a healthy opposition. It does see benefits in the deal, but just for political gains, the NDA is opposing the government. Let’s hope for a turnaround of events, with the NDA voting in the UPA government’s favor, just in the people’s interests in mind.

While, quite an argument has been made about changing the way politicians think of public money, it is best for them to put themselves in the shoes of a common man who works all day, six days of a week, and the struggle he puts in to earn a happy meal for him and his family. Till a realization strikes these mostly-uneducated breed of political gainers, one cannot hope for a reform in the way the Indian political system works. While youngsters, they say can make a difference in the way it works, who lets them work the way they want. Either it is made sure that their political career ends even before the election itself, or their life itself is cut-short.

Lets hope for a brighter tomorrow, with the politicians (we people ourselves) thinking in the interest of people, than in our own interest, our nation would not only be the largest democracy, but the best too!

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