Dec 19, 2009

Chennai and me!

Chennai has always been a city that I could never relate to! I still don't know the reason why, but for a person from Bangalore who has never been in Chennai to appreciate living there, it has never been an impressive experience. Probably I might be wrong in saying so, since the places I visited such as the beaches, the temples and the VISA consulate were far far off from the 'happening' places.

The ever-crowded Ranganathan Street has offered a rich shopping experience to me, but not the same feel as shopping in a Bangalore store (I could probably liken it to Avenue Road shopping in Bangalore). And forget about the T-shirt section in those shops - do they even have some creativity in the wordings on those shirts? Lifestyle and stores in Spencer would definitely be better off though!

In addition, the food is something that all Tamilnadu restaurants fail on. Unlike the restaurants in Bangalore that offer you snacks and light meals throughout the clock, the restaurants I have been to in Chennai offer just meals during lunch. Any North Indian dish on the menu, is probably there just for the sake of completeness. And the world-famous Saravana Bhavan gave me such a disappointment, with no dishes on the menu except for their usual idli, dosa and uttappam.

Probably, Chennai has its share of warm people and good-natured ones! But, for a traveller who seeks good food and some happening atmosphere, Chennai failed miserably! I still love Coimbatore for that! Probably, I visited the wrong side of Singara Chennai! And probably I have been to Coimbatore too often :P

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