Dec 7, 2009

Wake Up Sid! - A review

For a mind that needed some relaxation and a light movie to watch, I guess Wake Up Sid came as a refresher. Streamed on Netflix Instant Watch, I sat to watch it with no expectations (as always).

The character Sid was so close to relate to, especially with his happy-go-lucky nature and living on dad's money. I sure have done that, and I still am that way. Without having a clue of what to do next, the way he metamorphizes into a slightly responsible guy is portrayed so realistically. One thing that was praiseworthy was that, there was no drastic change in the guy's behaviour, while he begins working; he still is the same kid with some responsibility. A simple story, yet told in a such a beautiful and clean way. The relationship shown between the lead characters was a refreshing change. The college friends were definitely believable, and the best character in the movie apart from Sid and Ayesha, was the mother. A typical mom, who puts up with everything the son does, and greets him with a smile always. The father-son relationship in the end is shown so beautifully, and I guess this was better than the one shown in 'Bommarillu.'

Technically, the film was brilliant - amazing photography, locales, background and the music by the trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. I am sure Iktara will be the top-ranked song of the year. Lovely melody and blends so well to the mood of movie. (Just read that Iktara was composed by Amit Trivedi - the genius who composed for Dev D!)

I was not a big fan of Ranbir prior to this movie, but I changed my opinion. He proves that star-kids can be good performers too. He is too natural in the role, and I doubt if anyone else would have suited the role better. Konkana Sen-Sharma is as always, at her best. She sure has a wonderful resume to boast of, and I guess this will be one of the movies in gold.

A movie that Karan Johar and Dharma Productions can be proud of (after their Dostana - which I despise), and something that the debutant director can show off even after 10-15 years, and I guess it will be contemporary.

I wish I watched it in a theater, but I guess now that it is on NetFlix Instant Watch, I will watch it often :)

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