Apr 26, 2015

Crash the Pepsi IPL - 2

I guess it is fair enough to say that life has its shares of ups and downs. We usually end up seeing the downs outweigh the ups, even though it may not necessarily be true. And there is always an opportunity in negative things too.

The second of those Pepsi IPl ads that I quite liked was this one:

A simple concept where a guy is both dumped by his girlfriend and fired by his company at the same time. And instantly, without being bogged down, he is able to convert a simple conversation in another table into something that is favorable for him and the ad ends on a happy note.

While things may not be that simple in reality, I quite liked the ad for the simple, subtle yet important message that ups and downs are part and parcel of life and that one just needs to keep going.

Another interesting ad was this one:

With just a bottle of Pepsi and showing how the bottle gets empty as the match progresses towards a victory for the side one if supporting, this ad had it all. Minimal props, no actors, and a compelling message. I am sure I will be seeing this on TV sometime soon.

After all ad making is trying to be able to strike a chord with the audience and ensure that they buy the product you are offering. A lot of things are usually taken for granted by the makers of the ad. And it is not that all ads have to make you laugh or smile. There are ads that can be touching and drive the message at the same time. The fact that there are too many ads these days and they usually end up being a rehash of what the ads for the products were 10 years ago is indeed a thing to be bothered about. However, there is art in ad making and the ads in India, for me, rank among the better ones (considering the way the ads are in the US).

Another thing that’s critical for ad makers is that more than trying to sell the product, they should rather work towards making the buyer want the product and buy the product. For instance, a major manufacturer of phones, tablets and personl computers is able to make the ad experience so personal that the effort that the creative head makes towards showcasing each of the products as a product that the customers has an utmost need for it, is something remarkable.

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