Jun 15, 2015

Maxfreshmove - Round 1

All of us definitely like to shake a leg. It sort of makes us forget the situation we are in, particularly if it is a stressful one and ensures that we feel rejuvenated. Despite having to left feet, there are a lot of colleagues or friends who tend to entertain you with their dance. There are multiple situations in life that let you shake a leg and help energize your life and fill it with vigor.

A lot of times, weddings (the Indian ones) can get stressful for the bride’s family mostly, and perhaps for the bridegroom’s family too. Starting with the preparation for the wedding that begins months in advance (in a few cases almost a year in advance) to the D-day, it is a testing event. Many a time, there is a need for the bride’s mother or father to ensure that the wedding is what they had dreamed about for their child. After all, we as Indians place a lot of emphasis on the wedding and the rituals around it, and want to make the wedding a memorable one for everyone attending it. In this hard situation, a lot of the families try to beat the stress by ensuring that there is a relatively stress-free event on the day prior to the wedding. This is called sangeet in the North Indian culture, maapillai azhaippu (welcoming the groom) in Tamil and vara pooje (pooja for the groom) in Kannada.

It is during this sangeet, which seems to have invaded almost all south Indian weddings, that there is a pretty significant music and dance component. A lot of times, the bride and groom place emphasis on this event and ensure that their friends are all around and they are able to break free and shake a leg before the hectic day of the wedding. It is also during this time that you see many an aunty or uncle ever dance. A usually inhibited elderly aunty sheds all the inhibitions and apprehensions and dances like no one is watching. This is perhaps the most delightful part of the evening. It gets even better when this shy aunty has the groom accompanying her to shake a leg and the entire crowd’s focus is on her. This is exactly where Allu Arjun could enter the scene and ensure that the aunty is at ease. By singing songs that convey the mood of the situation extremely well, perhaps Anushka Manchanda contributes her bit by making this evening, the very special evening for many a couple, a musical riot!

I would love to go to such a wedding! And I am sure you would too!

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