Jun 15, 2015

MaxFreshMove – Round 2

Scenario 1:
You are waiting on the platform of the metro station/bus station for your train/bus. After a pretty long day all you want to do is find an ever-elusive seat on the train/bus. You’ll then pray that the bus should not be caught in traffic and you reach home to get some well-deserved rest before the rest of the chores begin to crave for your attention.

Scenario 2:
You are at the airport waiting for your flight to get back home to see your loved ones (often after long), to get a city on work or to head out for a well-deserved vacation. Your flight is delayed.

What would make these too scenarios a little more interesting? While the airport, metro stations and bus stations are places where you can see different forms of emotions in people, there is always some form of dullness that accompanies the wait.

Would you not love to have something to pass your time and ensure that the time flies quickly and you don’t really see the minutes or hours sail by that fast? How about a flash-mob?

A flash-mob is where a group of people begins to dance to a few lines of music in an impromptu way in a public place. Of course it involves quite a bit of planning (and perhaps taking permissions from the concerned authority) and this process can get painful. But hey, it is well worth the effort. This is exactly where I would bring in Allu Arjun to shake a leg and ensure that the flash-mob does not end up being a damp squib with not many enthusiastic people around to dance. And if there is a singer like Anushka Manchanda who can belt out the peppy tracks upon request, nothing gets better than that. 

A few years back there was a nice flash mob that was organized in one of the train stations in Mumbai, and the enthusiasm that spread among the people in the train station was infectious. Most of them belonged to the category of people I mentioned in Scenario 1 and a lot of happy faces came out as a result of the flash mob. The flash mob was a 5 minute exercises at that point, but the memories that got carried home were that of a lifetime. Interestingly, the flash mob phenomenon caught on so much in India post that one instance (although all not that successful). With a person like Allu to lure the women into dancing, and a person like Anuksha to make the mood an energy-filled one, this flash mob is definitely one that I would watch out for!

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