Jul 6, 2007

Bore and Boredom !!!!

Boredom is something that I hate. One of the worst punishments that I can get.

My main aim in life, research gets boring at times. Teaching gets boring most of the time. Chatting, Orkut are no cure to boredom. They can bore you to no end. Movies, TV - there is a limit to it too. Sleeping - oh no! not all the time..... Music - an okay cure to it..... Cooking - fine if things are going good on the stove and microwave, but at times it can be the most boring thing to do.....

The best thing for me is to TALK TALK and TALK..... either in person or over the phone.... But pity the person who has to bear the brunt of my chatter. It has increased over the years and I need to control it and my outspoken nature. They have often landed me in trouble.

One thing I need to do is to go out and play and get some exercise. I am sure this will balance everything out!

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