Jul 9, 2007

Uppu Kallu - Ode to mother

One of those songs that stir back old memories in you. Apparently sung by a girl in remembrance of her mother, while she sees this particular guy. The song is in Karupasamy Kuthagaidhaarar, no idea what the title means. But it is composed by Dhina, and sung by Bombay Jayshree. A really sweet song. Love every bit of it and brings back good old memories of my childhood etc. don't know why.

The song's link is http://www.musicindiaonline.com/p/x/pWOg8T0e3d.As1NMvHdW/

A not so good-quality video at http://youtube.com/watch?v=2LRbtuCImvI


  1. The song has got fantastic lyrics - "katthi indri ratham indri kayam pattaval
    un kangal seitha vaithiyathal nanmai adaigiren .."

    Wow! That's divine..

  2. Very true, Madhan. Thanks.....


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