Jul 26, 2007

Favorite Movies - II

So here's it's sequel to an earlier blog, listing my favorite movies.

Kannathil Muththamittal - One movie that actually stirred up the emotions in me. Probably the first movie that I cried, a beginning of a never-ending thing. Simran fitted to here role to the T. It should have probably be named Indira, than Amrutha or Kannathil Muththamittal. Keerthana P.S. was one child artiste that I enjoyed after Shyamili. Madhavan was not in his usual chocolate boy role. Nanditha Das' performance in the climax was amazing. sad that Simran lost out on the National award, since she had her voice dubbed (by Deepa Venkat).

Flavors - A really sweet cute desi-american movie. Realistic, though most people seemed to be Andhrites,(which is one reason why it was real). All the scenes seemed as if it was happening right next door. A person who has been in the US, will appreciate this movie even better. The chemistry between Karthik and his friend was something rare, and they were the best couple in the movie. The mother-father duo from India(seen in Waagle ki Duniya), seemed really practical. One should have a mom like that one. My mom, is surely one. The Ramana Dasara... guy was fun too, especially with Karthik in the scene in the hotel. Candy alias Chandramukhi, with her rules for her apartment roommates, which had 'Candy makes the rules' as the first rule, was a practical girl. Overall, a good H1 visa holders' movie.

Bombay - The Maniratnam magic worked with the Bombay blasts as the theme. The simple romance between the lead pair was a good thing in the movie too. ARR had good songs for this one, particularly Uyire, and the theme.

Padayappa - The only reason for this to be on the list could be Rajnikant's style and more importantly Neelambari aka Ramya Krishnan's flawless acting. A typical Rajni masala movie, though with a complex storyline had a clear screenplay. And for once, Rajni let someone speak against him.

Mugavari - An Ajith movie, had the yearning of a young guy to become a music director, yet wanting to support his family which has been really good to him. Jyothika was good in this one. The soundtrack was a rehash of many English songs, thanks to the copycat Deva.

Sathi Leelavathi - A laugh riot and all characters were reponsible for the success. ONe cannot single out a character which didn't contribute to the share. Kamalhassan and Kovai Sarala were a fun couple. One of the best comedy movies till date. I want to watch the Kannada version of this one.

Michael Madana Kamarajan - Never can a movie be made this way. 4 Kamalhassans and each of them having a different storyline, yet linked later on. Why don't movies have such strong storylines these days.


  1. heh, Sathi Leelavathi is another one of my favourutes, thanks :)

  2. Indeed a great movie! The thatha character in Sathi Leelavathi is so likeable :-)


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