Aug 13, 2008

Cheer up!

Why do some days seem so unpassable?
Why am I feeling so low today?
Why do I think I have to please everyone?
Why should I be upset about something that can be fixed up?
Why do I brood about the not-so-good things, when I can happy about the many good things in my life?

Cheer up, life's short and shortcomings do happen! It lies in how smart you are to overcome them and sail through them.

(This one was meant to cheer myself up!)

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  1. Did help me a bit too..!! But for the present situation I am in.. Still not a satisfactory "cheering-up" for me yet.. :)

    Anyway.. I guess we should just sail along.. Lots more (long time) things to worry about than the day-to-day obstacles..!!

    Hope we come out bright and successful..



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