Aug 15, 2008

Independence Day - In a home away from home!

A few years ago, while I was in school back in India, independence day would seem to be more than a holiday. A colorful day with a lot of performances by fellow schoolmates, speeches by invited guests and alike, and finally a rendition of the National Anthem in chorus.

This year, I took part in one, in a home away from home. A simple event, though well organized and well attended, it did fill up a big void in me, the one that – ‘said you’ve missed a lot in the last two years.’

The Indian Student Association at ASU organized this Independence Day celebration in the Secret Garden on campus, which literally was a secret garden. We had our own space for sometime, and our own crowd. The National Anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’, the National song ‘Vande Mataram’, and a patriotic song – ‘Desh mere’, were sung soulfully, and the event ended with distribution of sweets and snacks.

Happy Independence Day to everyone!

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