Aug 23, 2008

More medals!

Two more medals in the Olympics!

For a contingent of 54 people, and the step-motherly attitude shown by the government and the people towards other sports, 3 medals is a great thing!

Great work by Abhinav, Sushil and Vijender! They have shown that in the country that eats and sleeps cricket, - these three stars wrestled, shot and boxed their way to the Olympic medal. Not only that, they probably worked their way against the ever-suppressing politicians who want athletes from their state to represent the country.

Good work by Saina and Akhil too, and hopefully their effort is recognised too!

Hopefully this is a great incentive to the uplift of other sports! While a cricketer gets a chance every 2-3months to prove his worth, these athelete get one in 2-3 years, like the Olympics, Commonwealth games and may be the world championships.

What more could the country have asked for in the independence day month? :)

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